Sunday, July 29, 2012

dreams do come true

since before we were married 
steven has had this dream
of roasting a goat.
a whole goat
that we pick out
and slaughter
and eat...

this summer my sister introduced him to
a woman who raises goats and sells them for eating.
right down the street from where we're living.
so tomorrow
steven's dream is coming true...


the most graphic pic you'll see form the slaughtering. his tasty innards


  1. Well I'm very happy that another of my son's dreams has come true. His first was to marry you. :)
    But I must say that the goat looked much happier in the pasture above than on the spit. I hope it was everything he hoped it would be.
    G = MIL

  2. thanks gerrie! he had a great time. something to remember for years.