Wednesday, August 1, 2012

t-minus {one week}

one week from today
we're flying away!

we celebrated this week by
fulfilling one of steven's dreams and
roasting a goat!

you might wonder....
how does one roast a goat?

first you *need* an old clawfoot bathtub (any other fire pit just won't do)

and start a big hot fire inside.

it will take a couple hours to get the fire going- so bring a friend to hang out with

for inside the goat you'll need a costco amount of lemons

enough garlic to keep 100 vampires away

and an entire rosemary bush...

shove that all in the goat carcass and sew it closed.

stick that on a home made spit and rub some olive oil on it every 15 minutes, for SIX hours...

by this time your friends will start showing up and wondering why the meat isn't ready yet.

the children will get restless and begin hosing each other down

and giving you hungry puppy eyes.

*some friends are happy no matter how hungry they are*

others will begin filling their bellies with whatever they can find...

but finally, the goat will be ready for eating!

you'll cut it off the bone,

and pose for fun pictures.

some of your friends might not be too sure about this "roasting a goat and eating it" thing...

but they'll soon realize how delicious it is and dig in...


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