Wednesday, August 29, 2012


a long overdue update
(with pictures)
of where we are...
this is the part of the trip that
i've been most excited for.
warm beaches,
clear waters,
and tasty food.
we flew into phuket and
spent a couple days there 
adjusting to the new culture,
which was a bit far from our comfort zone.
a lot of haggling taxi drivers
and not many friendly people.
we've since taken a ferry to a nearby 
island called ko phi phi
where we're having an incredible time
and the people here are amazingly friendly.
can't wait to share more.
here are some pics from our
three days in phuket...


the flight in from japan

we never drink soda at home- but the water here isn't great so we're having fun

curry chicken pizza.

the neighborhood where we stayed

thai tea. i try to have this at least once a day

street side crepes

they were so tasty. we had one for "before lunch"snack and one for "after lunch" snack...

the firsts sights of the first thai beach we went to in phuket

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