Thursday, August 30, 2012


we landing in ko phi phi four days ago.
we booked a hotel room for two nights
but we haven't left yet.
since we both felt under the weather
our first two days
we decided we needed
to stay longer.
the main reason being
because our focus for this
part of thailand was climbing
and snorkeling,
neither of which we've been able to do yet
due to sickness.
so for now we're here
until we feel like leaving. 
which is never...
the first two days  it was pouring rain
but now the sun comes out every
morning and stays until evening.
the food is wonderful and cheap,
the people are welcoming,
and the beaches are plenty.
tomorrow we head out on a day trip
full of deep water soloing,
snorkeling at maya bay,
and playing with monkeys on the beach...


goodbye rainy phuket

a rainy and rocky ferry ride over

welcome to rainy phi phi

there are cats EVERYWHERE are this island.

there are usually a couple of these friends hanging around during dinner

it's a party beach so there are lights everywhere

the cats eat the food offerings

cats love sun bathing on the beach too

had to

enjoying some fresh pineapple shake on the beach

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