Saturday, August 18, 2012


on august 16th steven and i 
ventured out to arashiyama 
along with thousands of other people to witness
the daimonji gozan okuri-bi send off fires.
these are five fires on different hillsides
around kyoto
that each show a japanese symbol.
though the origins of this festival
are unknown, today the fires are representative of 
guiding the spirits of the dead
back to the Buddhist Pure Land.
i didnt get any pictures of the fires 
as they were pretty far off,
but the day was wonderful and
we also witnessed the paper lantern festival 
in arashiyama where
countless paper lanterns are released on the
Oi river...


there was festival type food everywhere on this little towns busiest day

we walked along the famous bamboo grove outside tenryu-ji temple

the first picture of us! taken by us!

skipping rocks by the river

more festival food

the platform where the paper lanterns were let go

this is only a fraction of haw many lanterns were made and sent off

tako yaki!! octopus balls. 


  1. These Photographs are Amazing! Great work Emilie.
    We just got back from a little visit to Sacramento, and just sat down together to read the latest on your adventures. We love you two! It looks like Japan is magic.
    Sean + Sarah

    1. im glad you two go away for your special day. we're off to nara today. miss your little family everyday...