Friday, August 10, 2012

flight to tokyo

steven and i havent done much
international traveling as adults.
the flight from LAX to tokyo was
both exciting and exhausting. 
i'm not really looking forward to another
10+ hour flight when we come home...


leaving LAX

it's the little things that were REALLY exciting...

a little in-flight exercising

goodbye sunny california 

just a little ways to go

our in-flight meals were over the top and super tasty. 

a little bit of art at the narita airport in tokyo

such great signs. if only we could understand them.

a treat on the train ride to shinjuku. we may or may not have bought a lot more of these since...

first sights of tokyo


  1. I really enjoy the "beware of the incoming train" sign, especially the drunk fellow with the tie around his head.

    1. there are so many great sings here. especially the ones who try and translate to english!

  2. I saw that CC Lemon drink at Uwajimaya and thought of you two. Maybe next time I will buy a bottle and Brian and I can pretend to be Steven and Emilie. We miss you two.

    1. yes! we should have a cc lemon skype date.... just sayin'.... miss you jen.