Friday, August 31, 2012

adventure day

steven and i have been wanting to try
deep water soloing for years.
when we began planning this trip
we made sure to hit up places 
where we could try this extreme sport.
we booked a half day
trip with a local company on phi phi island
that takes you deep water soloing,
cliff jumping,
and snorkeling. 
it was a nice small group-
just steven and me,
two fun australian boys,
a rock climbing guru and a boat driver.
i didn't take many pictures with my nicer camera
so this post is a bit lacking,
but we got plenty of great videos 
which i'll try to post soon.
it was an epic day that i know we'll always remember...


at the dock waiting to leave the island and find adventure

the rock here is horribly sharp so we all had to tape up.

crossing the sea from phi phi island to ko phi phi leh

that rock is begging to be climbed

the water in the cove where we went climbing

deep water soloing- steven just finished a route and is about to jump in. 40 feet up


falling from 45 ft up

we all jumped together... shane got scared

after jumping 25ft

our group :: mitch, steven, shane, me

Thursday, August 30, 2012


we landing in ko phi phi four days ago.
we booked a hotel room for two nights
but we haven't left yet.
since we both felt under the weather
our first two days
we decided we needed
to stay longer.
the main reason being
because our focus for this
part of thailand was climbing
and snorkeling,
neither of which we've been able to do yet
due to sickness.
so for now we're here
until we feel like leaving. 
which is never...
the first two days  it was pouring rain
but now the sun comes out every
morning and stays until evening.
the food is wonderful and cheap,
the people are welcoming,
and the beaches are plenty.
tomorrow we head out on a day trip
full of deep water soloing,
snorkeling at maya bay,
and playing with monkeys on the beach...


goodbye rainy phuket

a rainy and rocky ferry ride over

welcome to rainy phi phi

there are cats EVERYWHERE are this island.

there are usually a couple of these friends hanging around during dinner

it's a party beach so there are lights everywhere

the cats eat the food offerings

cats love sun bathing on the beach too

had to

enjoying some fresh pineapple shake on the beach

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


a long overdue update
(with pictures)
of where we are...
this is the part of the trip that
i've been most excited for.
warm beaches,
clear waters,
and tasty food.
we flew into phuket and
spent a couple days there 
adjusting to the new culture,
which was a bit far from our comfort zone.
a lot of haggling taxi drivers
and not many friendly people.
we've since taken a ferry to a nearby 
island called ko phi phi
where we're having an incredible time
and the people here are amazingly friendly.
can't wait to share more.
here are some pics from our
three days in phuket...


the flight in from japan

we never drink soda at home- but the water here isn't great so we're having fun

curry chicken pizza.

the neighborhood where we stayed

thai tea. i try to have this at least once a day

street side crepes

they were so tasty. we had one for "before lunch"snack and one for "after lunch" snack...

the firsts sights of the first thai beach we went to in phuket

Monday, August 27, 2012

phi phi

no pictures this time as
our internet here doesn't have
enough bandwidth to upload.
just a note to say
how incredibly astonished i am
that we're here.
everyday a new beach,
each more stunning than the next.
today we arrived at ko phi phi.
as we docked we could see 
massive cliffs made of rock that 
we can't wait to get our little
climber hands on,
and a beach with water
the clearest blue we've ever seen.
there are no roads here,
meaning no cars or motor bikes.
just little ally ways covering the small
port town
full of dive shops,
food stalls,
and one souvenir shop after another.
i am really here...


Sunday, August 26, 2012

osaka castle

our friends in japan had us
sight seeing in osaka
until the moment we had to
board a train for the airport.
just hours before we flew out we were
exploring osaka castle.
it was large and
as you would imagine a castle to be.
the bottom 5 floors were
full of history and replicas
showing the many changes
this castle has been through during 
it's long and complicated history
(the first castle was constructed in 1597).
the top floor was a panoramic
city view of osaka
where we got to see just how
far the city stretches.
i'm really glad we took time to see
this incredible sight,
and we got to our flight with minutes to spare...


this is not a photo bomb... it's our dear friend kaori

Saturday, August 25, 2012

the tastes of osaka

while we were in japan
we ate some incredible food.
japan did not let us down yet!
one snack which turned out to be
one of steven's favorite meals 
was tako yaki ( fried batter with octopus).
usually we got this street food at 
a little stall while sightseeing,
but our friends in osaka knew of a place
where you could cook your own
tako yaki.
steven got a chance to 
practice his skills,
and we built some more
memories that will last a lifetime...