Friday, August 10, 2012

shinjuku :: our first day in tokyo

we are staying in the shinjuku
neighborhood in tokyo.
so far it's been a 
wonderful base point
as well as a great place to explore.
here's some moments from 
our first day in tokyo...


had our first meal at the tully's underneath our hotel

i'm pretty sure we are staying in "boy band" central!

the cocoon tower

an outdoor garden

cocoon tower up close

the observation deck at the government building. so cool. and free...

steven getting us some water. these vending machines are great and littering the city

got a little more adventurous for our first lunch

it's always nice to see a familiar face 

the adidas store has its own traffic cones.


  1. So fun! I love the hair on the "boy band" boys.

    1. i know! they'e so great. i want to know how long it takes them to do every day!