Tuesday, August 7, 2012

last hours of humboldt

saturday was our last day
in humboldt.
we did lot's of "last's" 
with some amazing friends and family
that we're going to miss terribly...


my last afternoon with sarah. going to miss you too much.

the last picture cora will draw me for a while.

last time i get to have breakfast with this beautiful lady.

last cup of muesli from brio

the last time i'll bake banana bread for a long time.

the last time my sister will make us dinner.

the last time this guy will laugh at one of my jokes...


  1. So, it's all really happening, huh?

    Good luck you two!

  2. it's REALLY happening. can't wait to share more with you all.

  3. Yay friends sooooo excited for you guys! And don't worry about all the lasts for now just think of all the firsts you are going to have! :) Love you and safe travels we can't wait to see and hear all the stories!

    1. thanks spears! love you guys. ps. i need you address to send a post card. email it to me!!