Saturday, September 22, 2012

burmese tea

while in myanmar we tried to 
stay away from anything that had tap water in it.
we both already experienced travelers sickness
in both japan and thailand and
we were not in the mood to go through that again.
we did, however, frequently enjoy a nice cup of burmese tea.
and since the water was boiling hot,
we felt we were safe as far as bacteria was concerned.
when trying to describe burmese tea
i tell people to first think of thai tea
as it's made with a standard black tea.
in contrast, where the thai people add a little bit of sweetened condensed milk,
the burmese go above and beyond.
we watched a couple people as they made our tea
and it was astonishing to see the ratio of tea to milk
(the phrase "would you like some tea with that sweetened condensed milk" regularly ran through my mind).
our first cup was a bit hard to finish but after that i was rather hooked.
not as much for the nice boiling tea in the middle of a 90 degree day,
more for the delicious fried treats that always accompanied the drink...


we learned that each cup of burmese tea is accompanied by an endless supply of chinese black tea that we used to dilute our cups

i'm sure i'm not spelling this right but these were my favorite, samosas, flaky outside with sauteed mixed veggies inside

if the tea isn't sweet enough for you, these will take you over the edge

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