Tuesday, September 11, 2012

sunset cruise

our last evening on ko phi phi
steven and i decided to splurge and
board a sunset cruise around the two 
islands of phi phi
(the trip cost 30USD total).
the boat sailed off at 1:30
and took us to monkey beach
where we got to feed and "play" with
some pretty aggressive monkeys.
the boat then took us to loh samah bay 
where we went snorkeling and kayaking.
after that we were taken to maya bay
where the movie the beach
was filmed.
it was much different then we had been told,
in a very good way.
the tide was out which made it much lass idyllic
but that also meant there was tons of sea life to investigate in the little tide pools.
after that the boat went to pileh bay
where there is a huge coral garden.
we went snorkeling again,
this time for about an hour and a half.
we saw so much incredible sea life
and for the first time i wasn't scared
so i really got to enjoy it.
finally the boat sailed slowly through the waters between
phi phi leh and phi phi don while we ate dinner
and watched the sun slip down below the horizon...


sailing out to ko phi phi leh

there are adventure packages where you spend the night on maya bay. in one of these great tents :)

"the beach" with some tourists in the way...

us at maya bay. trying to spot leonardo de caprio

sea life in the low tide

steven and i can't get over how incredible the rock walls are here. i think we'll be back someday


always watermelon for dessert 

capturing the sunset on an iPad

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