Friday, September 7, 2012

dinner and a movie

while on ko phi phi
steven and i found a rooftop restaurant and bar
that had wonderful sunset views
and after dark played movies every night.
it was called the banana bar.
we decided to go the night they played fight club
because we both love that movie.
the first time we waited until dark, sat down for the movie and ordered "buckets"
with thai whiskey.
anyone who has had this before knows,
it is not messing around as far as liquor content goes....
then next evening we showed up just at sunset
to enjoy a nice meal
then stayed to watch men in black three.
(we did NOT order a bucket)
the movie turned out to be a downloaded version from someones 
camcorder in the theater,
but it was still a fantastic date night.
ko phi phi,
you'll always be our favorite part of thailand...


the dj would play music videos before the movie. they were always really fun (a daft punk song here)

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