Thursday, September 20, 2012

phi phi view point

this is the LAST post about phi phi, i promise.
there is a great little hike up to an amazing 
view point on ko phip phi.
we didnt plan it perfectly as the tide was out,
making it much less picturesque, 
but it was still fun to step away form the beach
for a while and do something active.
on our way down we played a game we made up
"count the kitties".
there were TWENTY FOUR
cats on the short walk back form the viewpoint to our hotel.
this island might have a problem...

the first views, half way up the hike

all the orange kitties made me miss my niece. she would have loved this island and it's many four legged inhabitants...

steven getting a great shot of the viewpoint

all of this resorts and guesthouses are located on that sliver connecting to two big bodies of land. you could walk in between them in five minutes

the east bay

so many kitties...

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