Saturday, September 29, 2012

mandalay hill

after a day of exploring the markets and inner city of mandalay
we hired a cab to see some of the outer city cites.
the driver took us to a couple magnificent 
temples and payas
before heading to mandalay hill,
something we had been looking forward to before we even left the states.
two giant lion statues guard the entrance 
to the 790 foot hill.
we climbed stairs for half an hour,
stopping to gaze at the many Buddha statues
and trinket shops along the way.
at the top we spend a while taking in the view of mandalay
and it's surrounding mountain ranges. 
it was absolutely breathtaking.
about an hour before sunset we got back into the cab
and headed for the city of amarapura,
home of U Bein Bridge,
the longest teak bridge in the world...


temple kitties

lions guarding mandalay hill

half an hour of stairs. it was a nice workout...

a view of mandalay. so many golden payas covering the landscape

souvenir shops along the way

steven taking in the views

me at the top. a little over heated but so happy

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