Tuesday, October 23, 2012

elephant camp

on one of our last days in myanmar
we decided to rent a scooter and go see an elephant camp.
i had been very excited to see some elephants 
ever since we landed on the other side of the plant
and couldn't wait to see a whole camp of them.
we showed up and there was a building full of burmese men
who told us to wait and the elephants would come to us.
we waited for a bit and finally saw the head of a giant magnificent animal
heading over a nearby hill.
the elephant came right up to us!
i was surprised at it's size
yet how gentle it was as we got close and said hello.
we spent some time getting comfortable
with the elephant and finally i felt eager to see more,
specifically a BABY elephant!

we asked the building of men if there were more elephants
and they said yes.
if we spent $10 and went on an elephant ride
we would get to see more elephants. 
so we agreed and watched nervously 
as the men strapped a small wooden seat to the top of the elephant 
and motioned for us to get on.
the elephant walked us slowly through the forest
and at one point even took us through a nearby river.
it was an extremely uncomfortable ride
but on the other hand it was incredible to see the power and 
precision of this great animal up close.

the ride took about an hour
and never once did we see another elephant.
we started getting the feeling that maybe there were no other elephants
and i think we were right because after an hour the elephant
brought us back to the building of burmese men 
who accepted our money and suddenly spoke
no english when we inquired again about seeing additional elephants...


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