Wednesday, October 24, 2012

last supper

i can't believe it
but the time has come.
this is a post about our last meal overseas.
sure there was a small breakfast the next morning,
some Burger King at the bangkok airport during a layover,
and several in-flight meals while traveling over the pacific ocean,
but this was our last true meal.

after five wonderful and sunny days in ngwe saung
where we did nothing but lay on the beach, read books, and try not to worry about life once we got back home,
we took our final myanmar bus ride (we are not missing those)
and spent the last 12 hours back in yangon.
after getting to our hotel we realized that we had a plethora of burmese kyat left
so we decided to splurge on a super fancy dinner.

it was a meal to remember.
with fabulous drinks, 
tasty food (quite a rare find for us in myanmar)
and great company,
including the wait staff who, of course, 
wanted to hang around and speak in english during our dinner.
i will never forget it,
and i especially will never forget how we were able to make it happen...


the view during dinner. the shwedagon paya

turned out we showed up during happy hour when drinks were buy one get one free

so we got a couple...

steven's lamb, which was cheaper than the chicken.... we didnt argue

my comfort food. 

us. 42 hours later we landed in san francisco...

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