Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the journey "home"

steven and i flew home at the end of september.
it was a bit sooner than we had thought
(we did all of our budgeting using lonely planet prices and it turns out those are not to be trusted).
though it was earlier than expected, we felt great about coming home,
and to us it seemed as though we had been gone for at least six months.
we never made it to nepal liked we had planned,
but that just means we have reason to go back! (soon?!)

we flew into SFO 
and got to spend a couple days visiting with our wonderful friends
who didnt care that we were recovering from jet lag and not very exciting to be around. 
we then bussed up to santa rosa to spend time with more friends,
enjoying the sunshine, western pub food,
and making wonderful dinners using ingredients 
picked from diana's incredible garden...

for some reason i only have this one picture from our time in san francisco. getting over jet lag is lame. pretty amazing moment though. watching the space shuttle fly over the city from our friends rooftop.

mmmm pub food. we missed you.

visiting our friend diana's garden. i could have spent all day here.

enjoying the sunshine in santa rosa

fresh veggies and funky nails.

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