Wednesday, October 10, 2012

weaving on inle lake

the first workshop we went to on inle lake
was a weaving shop.
the owner took us through the entire process 
from harvesting and creating the different threads,
(they used lotus, silk, and cotton)
then washing and dyeing,
next spooling the colored thread, 
and putting those spools onto the weaving machines
(i'm sure i missed a step or two here...).
we got to see workers demonstrating every process and they were each as fascinating as the next.
i could have stayed there for hours.
after seeing the entire process we were taken to a room
where we could buy products they had made
and i'm sure our boat driver 
got some sort of commission for anything we bought.
after being in myanmar for some time it became clear that everyone you encountered
from taxi drivers, to restaurant owners, to long distance bus operators,
any one who gave you advice on where to go or took you somewhere
got a commission from your business.

we also got to see weaving done by traditional shan women
which was captivating.
the three women we met were some of the kindest people we encountered
and used their small grasp of the english language
to say wonderful things about humans 
and how much they enjoy visitors...


making lotus thread

lotus. the back one is washed, the front before washing 

silk and lotus mixed scarf 

beautiful creations

the shan method of weaving. they used cotton and silk

the most lovely shan women

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  1. I really enjoy this post. The documentary nature of it and the wonderful, colorful close up shots of the textiles.