Friday, October 26, 2012

flight(s) home

it may not seem like it from the last month of posts
but steven and i returned to the USA safely at the end of september.
we had very little access to internet in myanmar so our posts 
had to wait until we were back.

it was quite an epic journey
and it seemed as though we were gone forever,
though our friends and family have said it felt like we just left.
we flew back into san francisco 
and have only made it as far as arcata ca.
we have yet to see many of our friends and family in the seattle area.
i feel as though our trip won't feel complete until i get to hug my mom and dad.

here are some pictures from our flights back.
most notable was the airport in taiwan
where each little waiting area was themed. 
it was amazing.
somehow i only seemed to really photograph the
hello kitty room...


when is a waiting area at an airport ever this empty? at 8am at the yangon international airport.

the library themed waiting room at the taiwan airport

hello kitty room. the best

hello kitty time zones

every waiting room was this elaborate. it was so great.

well hello san francisco. 

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