Saturday, October 6, 2012

five day floating market

after crossing inle lake
the first thing we did was explore the
five day floating market.
this particular market is located 
somewhere different on the lake
every day of the week.
we had a lot of fun
wandering through the many little alley ways,
finding something small to snack on,
and visiting with locals that knew english very well.
at every booth we were requested to "just looking",
so we spent over an hour visiting nearly every booth,
seeing the unique and intricately handmade goods at the market.
we then got back into the boat and were taken to visit
the workshops where all of these goods were actually made,
in little huts on stilts on the outskirts of the lake...
( more on that next time, for now just some shots form the five day market)


approaching the floating market

these were called "market bags" and EVERYONE had one

this little shop was fascinating with all the local fishermen inspecting, choosing, and bargaining for new paddles

something familiar in a world of unfamiliar things

the famous myanmar betel nut being made into little bits for chewing

the "streets" of the market (the roofs pictured here are just a little over 5 feet tall so the entire time at this market we were crouching and trying not to whack our heads)


  1. Did you chew any of the betel nut?

    1. no. and we didnt smoke any either. we were going to but after seeing what it does to your teeth and mouth we got freaked out ... we got plenty of cheroots though (burmese flavored mini cigars, we'll share some when we get back up to seattle!)