Tuesday, June 5, 2012

our "plan"

wondering what our "plan" is for this crazy adventure?
a bit small and very homemade
you get the point...

we begin our adventure in Tokyo, Japan.
Japan was at the top of both our must see lists so we knew we had to go there.
since it's (by FAR) the most expensive of our desitnations,
we decided to visit first

from there the trip is very loosly planned,
but here is a general overview

fly into Phuket Thailand and explore Ko Phi Phi and Krabi
get ourselves over to Ko Pha Ngan
then head up to Bangkok!  

from there we can get into Myanmar (labeled as Burma on this map) 
and explore as much as we can for 800 very crisp and brand new United States Dollars (the most you can bring into this country)
we'll head back into Thailand as there are only a couple cities where you can get in/out of Myanmar

after we've exhausted out tourist visa in Thailand we'll head over to Nepal.
then fly home through New Delhi...

any suggestions for additional must visit destinations while we're in the area? 


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