Monday, June 11, 2012

last weekend in seattle

we said goodbye to lots of family and friends this weekend.
there was a family BBQ
beer and laughter with friends
wedding prep madness
and a beautiful union with two of our favorite people vowing to love eachother forever.
not a bad way to leave the city...


 it wasn't too hard saying goodbye to these gems... they'll be visiting us in cali!
 wedding prep madness. these two ladies were great to work with.
 we're truly going to miss you two. have fun in the bahamas...
most recent "couch surfing" location. our old neighborhood. thanks for the comfy bed kari! and the view...


  1. Love that last pic. The cake looks so pretty.

    1. thanks! it was as tasty as it looks! .. that last pic is my favorite view of seattle- taken from the queen anne neighborhood.