Wednesday, June 6, 2012

floating down the river

we may be departing on a big adventure very soon
but that doesn't mean we've let life get boring around here.

this weekend i went rafting down the skykomish river.
steven planned the outing for his brother's birthday
so the raft included his two brothers and his father
(sadly steven get 8 stitches in his hand two days before the trip so he wasn't able to join).

our guide was our good friend brian 
who has also been letting us sleep in his extra bedroom!
it was a high river day meaning the water was strong and fast.
brian kept us in the boat and laughing the whole time.

although steven wasn't able to float down with us
he was able to snap a couple shots of us heading down the big class V rapid
and his cute puppy companion!

the waves from steven's nook on shore

Brian setting us up perfectly for the next drop

getting lost...

our friends adorable puppy Pippa


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