Thursday, June 14, 2012

scratch that

i only have one memory of scratch tickets.

my uncle bought me one at my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary.
he bought one for each of the cousins.
i was the only one to win
and i won $5! 
which can buy you anything when you're 12.
then he took the scratch ticket from me and i never saw the cash.
it's probably kept me from ever wanting to buy another one.

every evening this week we've said goodbye to friends in seattle.
on monday night we walked to the classiest mini mart in lower queen anne with our favorite law student friends.
our mission: pick up some extra classy wine.
it must have been the adrenalin and excitement of our trip building up.
we just couldn't resist buying a scratch ticket...
...we lost.




  1. Charming! I love that story. My dad used to buy scratch tickets but I never won. I found your blog via a comment on Bleubird and I'm so glad I did! Love finding a new great blog to follow!


    1. thanks for the love kacie! you have an adorable little family.