Friday, June 8, 2012

t-minus {2 months}

in exactly two months
on august 8th 2012
we will board a plane in San Francisco 
bound for Tokyo...

so how am i celebrating this special moment?

starting my typhoid vaccine!

it's a silly process of taking a series of four pills every 48 hours.
you must have an empty stomach (haven't eaten for 2 hours and won't eat for another hour). 
have lot's of water but it cannot be warm.
not easy for some one (me) who eats constantly throughout the day...
and i have a tiny bladder. 
so i've been going to the bathroom every half hour...


 my schedule. so i wouldn't forget...

 the process.

 and finally @ 9:20... a treat!


  1. When Caleb and Corrie were very young we got them typhoid vaccines before going to Belize. We then went out to dinner with a group from our church. The kids got sicker and sicker and eventually were laying under the table when we finally were able to excuse ourselves and leave. poor babies!

    1. that is awful :( steven took his weeks ago and only got a little stomach ache so i hope i have the same luck.