Saturday, June 23, 2012

good morning sunshine

steven and i moved out of our seattle apartment on may 29th.
since then
we have been staying with gracious friends and family,
on whatever extra space they have.
and it's been wonderful so far. 
we got to spend extra time with friends before we said goodbye in seattle.
we've had lovely meals made for us.
and we feel extremely blessed to have all of these wonderful people in our lives.
but this morning,
for the first time in almost a month,
we woke up in our own place!
for the next several weeks
before we leave for japan,
we get to house sit up in the woods of humboldt.
it's really not a bad place to wake up...


view from the master bedroom. fog covering everything down the hill. the pacific ocean in the distance. redwoods trees surrounding us! 
sorry for the poor quality. my phone camera was all i could find this morning. . . 

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